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Real Life Stories

Here are just a few examples of how people have been helped by credit unions in Cumbria:

Customer A (Unemployed Man)

A young unemployed man living in an isolated rural area was offered employment on the Sellafield site but because of transport problems the offer was at risk. He made an application for a Handy Loan to cover essential repairs to a motor vehicle. The loan was granted and this helped to safeguard the employment opportunity. The initial Handy Loan was repaid, and the member has continued to save with the Credit Union and has recently applied to take out a Savings Based Loan to upgrade his vehicle, while also continuing to save regularly with the credit union.

Customer B (Pensioner)

A woman in her 70s had emergency house repairs and had to use her Christmas savings to cover the cost of the repairs. She was granted a loan to cover her Christmas expenses, which she is currently repaying. In addition she has now opened a Christmas Savings Club Account with the Credit Union to save for next Christmas.

Customer C (Parent with no previous history of saving)

This member had no previous history of saving, but by joining a credit union she has started to save £ 10 a week, and has now built up a savings pot of £ 560 which she is extremely proud of. For the first time in her life, she has a substantial amount of rainy day money which is increasing weekly.  

"I would not have been able to save this amount if it wasn't for the easy to use account and friendly volunteers and staff of the credit union. They've encouraged me all the way! Even if you save smaller amounts it can be quite addictive. I love to see my money growing in the account book each week. I even have free life insurance now which I did not realise was included"

Credit unions offer free life insurance on members share amounts up to age of 80

Tackling Illegal Money Lending

Cumbria credit unions have been active in tackling illegal money lending in the county. Credit unions have particpated in Weeks of Action organised across the county by Cumbria County Council Trading Standards and the Illegal Money Lending Team England. These activities have raised awareness of illegal money lending and promoted the benefits of credit union membership.

Illegal money lending can be reported to the Illegal Money Lending Team England
0300 555 2222
Available 24 hours
Text LOAN SHARK and the lender's details to 60003