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Employers and Credit Unions

Employers - encourage your staff to use a credit union

Why encourage your staff to use a credit union?

Your local credit union offers a real and affordable alternative to payday loans and doorstep lending. As their employer you would be helping to ensure the overall financial health and wellbeing of your workforce by giving them the right information and advice to help them through these difficult times.

Credit unions can help those who cannot get access to ordinary bank products.

Credit unions are for everyone; for savers and borrowers and also for those who want to bank ethically and benefit their local community. Here in Cumbria a credit union can help your employees with either saving and/or borrowing.

What are the benefits to your company/organisation?

As an employer you will know that you have provided your staff with a sensible, more cost effective alternative to payday and doorstep companies who are charging extremely high rates of interest. You will also be supporting the local community in which your business is based at no cost to your organisation.

All we ask is a little of your time to send out information to your employees, including a link to this website

Payroll deduction

As an employer you may wish to consider establishing a payroll deduction scheme for your employees which will allow them to save directly from their salary. Credit unions in Cumbria are experienced in running such schemes. For further details please contact your local credit union

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